10 Reasons Why You Should Buy My Book and Get Your Friends to Do It, Too

1) The cover is really pretty. See?


See? Very pretty.

2) It’s a good story, well-written. Read the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (Well, one bad apple out of over 20)

3) It has an adorable cat based on this actual kitty:



4) The author will autograph your copy. And it’s registered on www.authorgraph.com, so you can get a signature for your e-book copy.

5) Reading is good for your brain. It’s like having your synapses and neurons run a Cross Fit course?

6) The characters are likable. You’d want them for your friends. Honest.

7) I need to buy treats for my support staff:

2013-07-07 11.13.37 2013-07-21 08.57.03

Greenies. They like Greenies.

8) You WANT to help me become a publishing phenomenon. You WANT to see me on “Ellen” and “Katie” and “CBS Sunday Morning.”

9)  There’s a sequel coming in short order (Just need my cover art). It’s called….At Last.

And the reason you should buy my book and get your friends to buy it? Look at this face:

author photo

How can you say no to this face?

So, hit the “Buy Now” button at the top of the page and…BUY NOW.

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