With a Little Help From My Friends, Part I

First of all, side note: most of the spam comments I delete are offering me NFL jerseys from the Colts and the Giants. Really. Those are about as useful to me as the ads for penis enlargement.

And yes, I have invoked the Beatles. They are sacred. All of them.


If you know me and you’ve seen my first book (emphasis on FIRST), you’ve seen this:


I have gotten a lot of compliments on this book cover, but truthfully, the only credit I can take for its creation is going with Legalogos, Inc. and their graphic design genius, Tom Roskelly. He designed it.

I had had another idea in mind, sort of a collage/still life a la Audrey Flack’s photo-realism work.

Audrey Flack, “Chanel”

However, when I approached Diane Chubb at Legalogos about this, she had a better idea: let us design something.

And why not? Their graphic designer has won a boatload of awards.

He’s come up with great, simple, focused designs like this:


A Fibonacci seahorse.

Or this:


A tribute to a lady who loved her flip flops.

Since a rose plays a part in my story (I think of Liz Gardner as an Iron Rose), Legalogos decided it should be the symbol of These Foolish Things.

They were right.

Presently, they’re at work designing the cover art for the TFT sequel At Last.

Should you have a cover art project or other need for design/trademark/logo work:


You can see more of their stellar designs and get an idea of why it’s a great idea to have this team on your side.

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