Still Here

Okay, yeah, I’ve been gone for a few months. I have been in “survival mode”: doing what it takes to get through the day and nothing else. This including writing, posting, and reminding people that yes, I am an author, and yes, I have books for sale. (I still do, by the way. See the “Buy It Now” link. And order)

A turning point happened this past Saturday, March 22nd. I was part of the inaugural Authors Under the Lights, a signing event for authors (mostly independent) to meet and greet fans. I was signing autographs (Cool!), posing for pictures (Cool!), and learning about what other people do to market their books.

First, some pictures:


The participating authors. I’m in the back; you can see my little blonde head.



Did I mention we had male models? Yeah. This guy is a sweetheart named Eddie Finlay. I may have to write about young men and cougars….Is it warm in here?


My table. Nowhere near as much stuff as other people, but still…


And as a “Howdy” and ice breaker, Catherine Bybee shared mimosa


drink up

Me, Julie Prestsater, Catherine Bybee (bartender), Sandy Esparza (my assistant) and Debra Holland. Sandy, I think you’re having a little TOO much fun.

This was Authors Under the Lights 2014, a signing event featuring authors, their assistants, male models, swag, and chaos. Well, controlled chaos.

What I learned: write more books and have them ready to go. Promotion, promotion, promotion (I will finally use my iPad to create a promotional video). Swag: I saw everything from corkscrews with the author’s name on it to bookmarks with the cover art (Tom Roskelly’s designs will look amazing in miniature) to condom packets with stickers naming the hero of the stories (I think I’ll pass on that one).

I need a banner, too.

I had people coming to me for my autograph. I posed for pictures. One girl had read and reviewed my books and sought me out to get the autograph, the “pose with author” picture and tell me she enjoyed my books. Now that was an ego stroke I needed.


From Monique Costello’s Facebook. The lower picture is Monique with Renee Carlino.

So, my assistant, Sandy, and I have to figure out how the hows, whens, and wheres of the next signing event.

(Need an excuse to bump into Eddie again…)

And on a side note, I sent copies to Mrs. Obama a few months ago. This week, in the mail:

white house thanks


Life is still a challenge right now. But I’m rising to meet it.

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