Yes, I Can

I’m writing this particular post in my iPad, which is not easy (It’s not easy for me. Please tell your Mac-raised 5 year old who just created her thirtieth app to shut up). Mario*, my laptop (previous laptop was Luigi and when he died and was generously replaced by a friend, her son declared that the replacement needed to be named Mario. Far be it from me to argue) For instance, just typing text into this post is a challenge because I find the iPad uncooperative (yes, I suppose I should hit an Apple Genius Bar and learn how to use it to full effect). I’m a Word/PC girl and shifting gears is tough. I was ready to chuck the thing across the room when I switched to writing the post in Pages to translate over. In his day, Mario just did as he was told without this “smarter than you” Apple back talk (well, I think I’m getting it. I swear this thing smirks when I turn my back).

Bottom line, I need to get a new computer. Pronto. I was working on the prequel to “These Foolish Things” on Mario (and since he’s been doing the computer equivalent of coughing up blood, I’ve been saving my work up to Dropbox. I may be Apple illiterate, but I not stupid). I have a lot of stuff important to me saved on that and the error message says something about the hard drive (uh oh…).

Can I just run out to Best Buy and go shopping? No. This has been the Year of Holding On By My Fingernails. (This is bringing up a whole train of thought that I won’t share until I’m working again, with benefits that include mental health and can talk to a therapist). It has not been a lot of fun. Put it to you this way; my hourly wage (and I don’t always work 40 hours. For instance, this week, 8 hours) has dropped 78%. Let that sink in. And the first person who says I should maybe get an education so I don’t have to work a dead-end job: I have a law degree. (No, practicing law in California is not an option) I had years of experience working good-paying desk jobs.
However, I am not going to panic. First of all, I know where my towel is (Douglas Adams reference). I don’t need “Don’t Panic” in large friendly letters.
Secondly, as challenging as this year has been, I’ve been able to pull off a few miracles here and there. For instance, when I needed my car to pass inspection so I could drive legally, it passed. I don’t know how or why (it had previously failed), but it passed and is street legal. When I needed housing in short order, it materialized within 24 hours and the place is exactly the kind of housing I would choose for myself. It’s temporary, but right now, I have an excellent roof over my head. And right now is all that matters.
This computer issue will be resolved at the right time and in the right way. I have no doubt.

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