Time to Get My Gemini On

No pictures in this one. Mario, my laptop, finally went to the Best Buy In The Sky, and since my experience with adding photos on this iPad has been “add photo, process stops dead.” So, no pictures.

I am a Windows girl (and yes, I hear the chorus of jeers from the MacSnobs out there). Trying to.navigate my way through iOS And its advantages, quirks, and limitations has severely trusted my patience and frustration threshold. Windows? No sweat. I may grind my teeth and curse Bill Gates at some of the “improvements” added to ne’er versions, but on the whole, I manage to stumble through without committing mayhem.  IPad? Argh!

Why, ay, oh why, does it think that the ONLY thing I could possibly want to attach or upload would be pictures ? What about resumes? Sections of writing? Terse replies to idiots? I’m working with the ACX sited right now to submit “These Foolish Things” and “At Last” to be made into audiobooks (YES. you can do that through Amazon. Cool, huh?). Okay. Fine. How do I get the samples from Dropbox uploaded into the site when iPad asks me if I want to upload from my camera roll?


i downloaded something called an uploaded and we’ll see if that helps.

Ive been watching “American Ninja Warriors” and those guys (and gals. Kacy Catanzaro is amazing) have to figure out how to use what they have. Tonight, the Venice final included an obstacle called “Cannonball Alley” which had the contestants falling from it like monkeys off a greased pole. Drunk monkeys.. It was 3 balls strung at intervals , increasing in size. Guys were making it past the first and second balls, but couldn’t solve the third, largest ball. The first man to make it through swung himself while clinging to the second ball, grabbed the third ball with his legs, and then flipped to the mats on the other side of the obstacle.

Thinking outside the box.

and that’s what I need to do.

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