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Check out this lady:

She was Daisy Washburn Lovell, my great grandmother. I’m not the first author in my family. She published two books, “Glimpses of Early Wareham” and “Glad Tidings.” My Bible (Yes, I have one. No, it doesn’t burn my hand when I hold it) was a gift from her, personalized and inscribed with a poem she wrote. This is her author photo.
(by the way, I grabbed the picture from Sarah Sheppard’s (my cousin) Facebook timeline. Credit where it’s due)

Grandma achieved a goal I’m shooting for: books in the Library of Congress. Not too difficult, really. Just fill out an application and pay a fee.

That’s on the to do list this year.

Also on the list: use my knowledge of dealing with debt collectors to make an e-book and presentation to teach people what their rights are and how to deal with bad actors in the business.

2 signing events (REALLY sore about missing Deep in the Heart this past weekend. Looks like they had an excellent time). I AM signing at the LA Times Festival of Books in April. And working on getting back to Long Beach in June. On the list.

New laptop. On the list.

Complete at least a first draft of the next Liz Gardner (which, I found out today was Grandma Lovell s father’s first name. I probably used to know it, but I named Liz after the Massachusetts city of that name. There’s a giant chair there. I remember seeing it when we went from Vermont down to the Plymouth area)


This is the sort of thing that makes an impression on a little kid. From Vermont. (I still get stars truck seeing the Hollywood sign)

Speaking of Liz and Ty…

This year, they’re going to break through and find a much bigger audience. There is talk of some cross-promotional marketing groups out of the DITH event and I have been accepted to be included. Reach beyond the local group. It is time that all the sweat and energy I. Invested in creating them actually started paying off.

Things go well enough, I may talk to some of the authors in my age bracket and see if we can put together a “Hen Lit” (The more mature form of Chick Lit) signing. Maybe.

That’s just the first half of the year. Stay tuned.


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