A Corollary to “I Am An Idiot. I Admit It Freely”

I just learned another lesson the hard way:

If you are ordering chocolates as swag, pay the extra for express shipping. Especially if you live in Florida.

They used to be chocolate lips


It’s sideways, but those are melted chocolate lips. Even Mick Jagger can’t match that.

They’re part of promoting my new pen name and short story, “Patti Goes to the Dungeon” by Monique DeSoto. Monique needs swag.

And this is a great metaphor for the story: you may think you have your ducks in a row, but they are, in fact, doing spring break in Cancun. Doing Red Bull and Jello shots.

Cover resized

Pre-Order Link. Patti Goes to the Dungeon


And I can now highly recommend the customer service at Oriental Trading Company.

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