And Onward…

bobasekjax17 selfie


Yes, I’m still here. This is the second week in a row I missed the Thursday post.

And the second week in a row none of your shnooks complained about it.

Book Obsessed Babes Jacksonville 2017 has come and gone. The above photo is me playing selfie. For that to happen, I need 1) fresh hair color and cut, 2) a good night’s sleep the night before, 3) preferably something blue, and 4) a face full of makeup. And voila, I took a picture. I will add photos to this post at a later date. Let me tell you what I did.

I have previously written erotica for Playgirl magazine. Year ago. I decided to wade in again, but do it in my own fashion: make it funny. Laughter is sexy. Sex is ridiculous. However, since this is a new direction for me. I chose a pen name (Monique DeSoto) and wrote “Patti Goes to the Dungeon.”

“What happens?” you ask.

“Spend 99 cents to find out, ” I reply.

So, I  offer the following pre-order for your consideration:

Patti Promo


See that? You can just shoot that code with your phone! And push a button, then wait for delivery! Cool, huh?

No, I’m not good at teasing. But Patti is…


Did You Miss Me?

I know, I know; I didn’t publish anything last Thursday, the 30th (what would have been my mother’s 81st birthday. Yes, I am estranged from my immediate family, but I keep track of the dates). What can I say? I flaked. And I didn’t hear any complaints from out there, so…

Book Obsessed Babes in Jacksonville, FL is ON this Saturday, April 8. Tickets still available (the freebies I had have gone). Here’s the link:


Tickets for Book Obsessed Babes 2017

Come on out. Sheer Bliss Events and the Omni put on a great event last year. Serioyusly, worth the price of admission. And there are usually great raffle baskets.

I have been working on other projects, writing projects that I can’t really talk about here. Yeah, I’m delving into writing erotica, I’m using a pen name for it, and I need to properly launch it. So…maybe later.

You would think the toughest part of creating a book is writing it. Wrong-O. Marketing is a cast-iron bitch from the darkest depths of Hell who wants you to die of embarrassment just because. And it’s not easy on a shoestring. With a day job. My day job.

I can attest to the difficulty mostly because of how blessedly ignorant I am. I figured “Write book. Get cover. Upload to Amazon. People find book. Sales go through the roof. Done.”

Not so much. You need a campaign. You need to launch it like the European Space Agency launched the Rosetta spacecraft to land the Philae probe on a comet 10 years (10 YEARS!) and 6.4 billion kilometers after it was launched. They started planning it in 1986. Rosetta was launched in 2004. Philae landed (wrong) in 2014. That’s 28 years.

This comet was probed by aliens.

This comet was probed by aliens.

I’m not that patient.

Confession: (and yes, another reference) I think highly of my writing skills. In “Amadeus,” Salieri looks over an assortment of Mozart’s sheet music and sees that there are no corrections to it. “As if he was taking dictation from God.”

I don't actually work like this but...

I don’t actually work like this but…

Truthfully, I’m probably closer to Salieri.

I figure (wrongly, perhaps, but I have trouble admitting it) that I got it write the first time and additional drafts are for chickenshits. When I am done, I am DONE and don’t wish to get stuck in the after phases of writing. I could rationalize this by copping out, “I’m an artist,” but the truth is, I’d rather have someone else do that part. Publishers aren’t lining up, so guess who has to tote the load? Yup. Annoyed sigh.

So, here I am, having to go back over steps because my impatience caused an error, waiting on a reply to get a book launch party on Facebook, needing to get ISBN, ASIN, the alphabet soup of needed things to sell a book in the Information Age. It’s annoying as hell. But, I’m doing it.

I will try not to flake on the Thursday post. Next Monday, I’ll give you the wrap up from BOBASE

Warning: Politics

No, I don’t like the current President and my gut feeling says he shouldn’t be on the job (Yes, I know what the results were. He doesn’t shut up about his 306 Electroral College votes). Back in 2001, HBO made a documentary showing how easy it is to hack a Diebold voting machine and the technology in the last sixteen years has improved. Just when you get better security, you get better hackers. Here’s a link:

Hacking Democracy


Look, I haven’t liked the GOP since Reagan, and the succeeding generations have mutated the party by trying to be more conservative than each other while appealing to the CHRINOs (Christians in Name Only. This would be Westboro Baptist, the Duggars, Focus on the Family, the Falwell empire, Pat Robertson, Kim Davis, Chik Fil A, Ted Cruz, and anyone who proposes intolerance hiding behind Christ’s robes. Keep your religion out of my government and we’ll get along just fine). Evangelical Christianity is a multi-billion dollar industry (Yes, it is, folks. TV shows, books, personal appearances, merchandise. It’s Star Wars with Jesus). I have seen commentary from people who are “called to spread the Good News” which gives them license to push it on the rest of us, but God forbid (Yes, I see it) proselytizing go the other way. I confronted someone online who thought it was okay to work on kids to convert them without the knowledge or permission of the parents, yet WOULD NOT TOLERATE someone Muslim, Jewish, or Hindu people to proselytize THEIR kids. And then they whine about being persecuted. ]

But I digress.

I am aghast that the current administration seems to have committed treason to win an election. I know there are a lot of dirty tricks and shortcuts taken in elections. However, this is first time a political party has actively colluded with an unfriendly foreign government to secure victory. GW Bush, President #43, said in 2001 of Vladimir Putin, “I looked the man in the eye. I found him very straightforward and trustworthy – I was able to get a sense of his soul.” I’m wondering now if Putin, who had been on the job a year by then, had started monkeying in American politics at that point. Were Bush, Cheney, Rove (who had been a Junior Varsity Dirty Trickster in the 1972 Nixon campaign, where Roger Stone, longtime friend and advisor to President #45, was the head of the Ratfuckers, the Dirty Tricks squad) taking payoffs from Russia? Bush and Cheney were oil men, Russia has a shit ton of the stuff and has been using that and their natural gas as a weapon (In 2006, Russia cut off natural gas supplied to Ukraine because the government was pro-Western and Putin is not). Sanctions were applied after the 2014 annexation of Crimea. Additional sanctions were applied at the end of 2016 due to evidence of Russian hacking of the DNC (and RNC, but they didn’t do anything with the info). There was to be a $500 billion deal between ExxonMobil and Russia to develop oil fields. The sanctions put the kibosh on that. Our Secretary of State who’s blowing off NATO? Former CEO of ExxonMobil. There is talk of a 19.5% stake in Rozneft, Russian state oil company being privatized, possibly given to Trump in exchange for lifting sanctions. People don’t fuck around with that kind of money on the line.

46 US attorneys were asking to resign, one was fired for not complying. Preet Bharara, US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.  He was working on a case against Deutsche Bank (to whom our current President owes $300 million through his businesses) for laundering money for the Russians.

And I suspect many of my fellow Americans brought this upon us because Trump was a guy they knew from TV and he talked in simple phrases, or they wanted an old white man as the head of the country, or they hated Hillary Clinton. Or, as one woman put it, “I always vote Republican and I hate Trump, but if he’s the jackass pulling the wagon, then I’m voting for a jackass.”

If he goes ahead with his agenda, the land of the free and the home of the brave will no longer exist because we surrendered our freedom to a dictator because we weren’t brave enough to say “No” to his apocalyptic vision of the world.

He has labeled the mainstream news outlets who report on his dirty deals (and who provided him with over $1 billion in FREE coverage by reporting on his every twitch and tweet) “fake news.” The New York Times and the Washington Post (for whom Woodward and Bernstein wrote. They’re the guys who took the Watergate iceberg tip that was a break-in at Democratic headquarters and showed the behemoth of corruption that was the Watergate cover-up) as “failing.” Their circulations have been rising since his election, hardly failing, but that doesn’t matter to him. If he can get us to distrust the mainstream media, we won’t know what is truth.  We do know that the January 21 marches were far better attended than his inauguration. We have proof. He denies it.

There is a Twitter account, Rogue_POTUS Staff. They’ve been providing accurate inside views of what’s going on at the White House. Right now, they’re saying that Trump is racing to consolidate his power before the Russian connections put him in prison. Getting rid of the US Attorneys (which puts Jeff Sessions. the US Attorney General, also a target of investigation, in charge of those offices) is a step towards that. The Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, has also been implicated. He’s the one who would chair hearings.

What can we do? Here:


Minority chair of the House Committee on Intelligence, Adam Schiff is asking the public to DEMAND the Trump/Russian ties hearing on MONDAY be OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.
Majority leader Nunes has decided it will now be CLOSED to the public and is also refusing to release information. Nunes has convincingly let us know protecting our democracy is NOT his top priority. Chair Nunes (202) 225-2523 BARRAGE Nunes with calls.
Since information will be discussed about the Trump Campaign’s ties to Russia, it is imperative that the American Public know first hand whether or not Trump and his associates committed treason.
1. Call or internet fax the Intel Committee’s Majority Staff: Ph: (202) 225-4121
Fax: (202) 225-1991
The script:
“This is X, calling from Y, It is completely outrageous, considering the shadiness that has already characterized the hearings regarding the administration’s Russian ties, that Chairman Nunes has closed them to the public.
Transparency has never been more critical to the legitimacy of our government than now. The public must hear this testimony. Reopen the hearings immediately.”
2. Then call your representative and deliver the same message DEMANDING they make a public statement:
“This is X, calling from Y. I just learned that Chairman Nunes has closed the hearings about the Administration’s Russian ties to the public. This is completely outrageous, particularly considering the underhandedness that has already come to light. I call on Rep. Z to make a public statement calling for the reopening of the hearings.”
The following are phone numbers of GOP members. Important to target them individually as well. ESPECIALLY NUNES
?Chair Devin Nunes -(202) 225-2523 (barrage his office)

As Americans, we have a Constitutional right to petition our government for redress of grievances. I suggest we exercise that right, find out what the hell happened, and proceed accordingly. This time, I’m not a pissed-off twelve year old who’s mad at Watergate and John Dean for ruining her summer soap opera watching. I’m an American citizen who’s pissed off at the Republicans for selling out her country.