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‘Tis the season for new clothes, backpacks, pencils, and…BOOKS
I’ve created 50% off coupons at Smashwords for my e-books.


Here’s your link: http://bit.ly/tftsmash
And here’s your link: http://bit.ly/alSmash
If you want to check them out, there are reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. 
Buy yourself a couple of books. Proceeds go towards buying myself a new computer so I can continue this story.

Forward Steps

For those of you paying attention (and looking for a voice over job, perhaps), I have some deal for you.

First off, it’s official. “At Last” is available across all e-reader platforms. To celebrate this milestone, I’m offering 50% off on both books through Smashwords:



 Go to Smashwords, use the coupon codes and before you can say supercalifragilisticexpealidocious, you’ve got good books cheap.


and if you are inclined to leave review in your wake (Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, Barnes &Noble…), please do so.


In the words of Vice President Joe Biden, “this is a big fucking deal.” (He really said that to the President when the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. The one the Republicans have voted 52 times to repeal. And are suing the President because he he’s not enforcing some provisions of it).its moving me closer to the tipping point where I may bump into someone one the street with one of my books. With the advent of the e-reader, I’m not likely to see a paperback clutched under the arm, but maybe I’ll be recognized. THAT’S rock star status.

The other “thing” is that the same advances in technology that have gotten me to publish also allow the possibility of converting “These Foolish Things” and “At Last” into audiobooks. I just need vocal talent. And maybe a producer. If you are interested/curious, follow the link.

ACX Narrator Link

When this happens, I think I will pass out in a coma of joy.

So, to recap: half off at Smashwords and YOUR chance to become the next Morgan Freeman.



“What’s that?” you ask. “Some kind of a secret code? Is treasure involved?”

Sort of. See this?


You type that there code in here:

Smashwords. See where it says “Coupon Code?”

Between now and February 4, if you plug in that code in the title line,

you can buy this book for 50% off the list price of $5.99.

$3.00 for a book that is getting reviews like:

“I really really loved this book and the characters. There were so many emotions I went through while reading Liz and Ty’s story happiness, amusement, love, hate, pain, and sadness. “

“I love a good love story…and this one didn’t disappoint. This romance novel was also full of wit and humor, between the two protagonists, Elizabeth Gardner and Tyrone Hadley…a real battle between the sexes.”

“These Foolish Things is a quick but wonderful read about a man and a woman who find in each other the piece that makes each of them whole. Great story that appeals to the almost-dead romantic in me :)”

And that’s just a sample.

Seriously. A coupon good for 50% off a well-reviewed e-book.

Such a deal.

Got a Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader or iBooks? Have I got a Deal for You


Pssst! Hey, Buddy…

Okay, Readers, let’s you and me do some business here.

Now, I’m not going to take it personally that my book sales are not moving as I envisioned (Frankly, I think they are going to be a HUGE deal and all y’all are passing up the chance to be early adopters and hipsters who say, “Yeah, I knew about that before it was cool. And I was one of the first ones to spread the word about it.” (sips soy half-caff no foam latte)). I plan for renewed interest in John Donne’s poetry to come from these books. And for people to go traipsing around Boston looking for sites from the books – even the ones that don’t exist. I want to someone to license stuffed animals to be made from this guy:


Toulouse aka Beanie

We need to spark the fire to get this going. I will be working on a book trailer (I have an iPad and I might be able to do that).

But for now….

All of you with Nooks or Kobos, raise your hand. (23, 24, 37….) Okay (and Kindle folk, don’t get your noses out of joint. You’ve had PLENTY of free/discount opportunities).


This is a good book. I can say that because I have the reviews (most unsolicited) to back that up. It’s about real love and making it work. It’s about surviving and working to be  a better person for yourself and for someone you  love.

Here’s the deal:


Smashwords link

Go order a copy of  These Foolish Things through that link and use this coupon code:


Until Feb 7. 2014, that there code is good for 50% off the $5.99 list price.  50 EFFING PERCENT!!!!! That’s a deal. Half the price – pfft – gone!

And the beauty part? Go ahead and share it with your friends! I don’t mind!

So, your mission (and you DO choose to accept it) is to go to Smashwords on that link, enter that code, download the book, read, review and talk your friends into doing the same.