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“What’s that?” you ask. “Some kind of a secret code? Is treasure involved?”

Sort of. See this?


You type that there code in here:

Smashwords. See where it says “Coupon Code?”

Between now and February 4, if you plug in that code in the title line,

you can buy this book for 50% off the list price of $5.99.

$3.00 for a book that is getting reviews like:

“I really really loved this book and the characters. There were so many emotions I went through while reading Liz and Ty’s story happiness, amusement, love, hate, pain, and sadness. “

“I love a good love story…and this one didn’t disappoint. This romance novel was also full of wit and humor, between the two protagonists, Elizabeth Gardner and Tyrone Hadley…a real battle between the sexes.”

“These Foolish Things is a quick but wonderful read about a man and a woman who find in each other the piece that makes each of them whole. Great story that appeals to the almost-dead romantic in me :)”

And that’s just a sample.

Seriously. A coupon good for 50% off a well-reviewed e-book.

Such a deal.