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I’d Like to Thank…


As much as I would use my corner of the Internet to bitch about what a shitty year 2014 has been for me, I won’t. I ascribe to the “you create your reality through your thoughts” theory and I’d like for things to get a lot better ASAP (vite, Mach schnell, presto, stat, PDQ, you get the idea). With that thought in mind, I am going to get highly personal here and “thank in advance” for things I’d like to see manifest in my life:

book sales in the hundreds and thousands of units. I’ll post links to all the e-reader platforms in a separate post, but they’re on sale throughout the whole month. 99 cents. I can’t make the price any lower without making it free. Maybe for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, but right now, I’ve got the e-books as low as they’ll go.maybe it’s my inner 6 year old, but I believe I have created a great love story that will stand up over time.

Just 99 Cents during September

Just 99 Cents during September

A win from Publishers Clearing House. I’ve been doing the little contest entries all year. I’m told that the planets are aligned for me to have fabulous luck. Why not? I could use $25,000 right now (What the hell; let’s say $250,000). And I’ve done the little entries and played the games to win it. Winning is fun.image
A new home of my own. I have been house-sitting since May in a place that I would choose for myself. I am grateful for knowing it exists and (in advance) for the means to have my own version.
New computer. Yes, I am working with this iPad, but it has a lot of limitations for the kinds of things I do on a computer (none of it downloading porn). A new PC to replace Mario also opens up work from home possibilities. I like a commute that goes from bed to coffee maker to desk.
Big Fat Waddling Juicy El Niño for the next 3-4 years. I like sunny weather as much as the next person, but dammit, this is a drought and that’s not good. Sure, a day in the 70s in January is nice, but it ain’t normal.we not only need the rain, we we need the cooler temperatures. Who wants to make a big pot of chili when it’s in the 80s? I have sweaters and socks that I love to wear, especially on a rainy, cool Sunday watching a football game and eating homemade turkey chili. The Byrds were right when they sang that there is a time to every season. “A time for flip flops and a time for fluffy socks.” Besides, cool, gray weather during the winter means I get my favorite beach mostly to myself, my coffee, and the migrating whales. I don’t resent other people out there, but the lack of human-made noise is soothing to the soul.

(No more pictures. iPad has officially taken its marbles and gone home when it comes to inserting graphics)

I am always thankful for my friends. (Stealing a line here, but that’s what comedians do) “There’s the logical family and the biological family.” A good chunk of my logical family was playing Cards Against Humanity on Saturday night. I would move bodies for these people. They have done nearly as much for me.
Good timely luck. In my life, it has manifested as “just in time” needs being met when necessary, or happy accidents that benefitted me. Frankly, I’d be happy with a large lotto win, say ending up with a $250 million (US) net worth (I read “Scruples” when I was in my teens and decided that that’s the amount of money I wanted. And authors of erotica: get a copy and read the sex scenes. That’s how it’s done.

That’s just the most immediate list of gratitude into manifesting. We shall see how things unfold.

Go for It


Lily Tomlin had a joke in her routine that went something like “What if we all grew up to be what we wanted? Can you imagine a world full of astronauts, ballerinas, and firemen?”

The corollary to that are the people who say, “Someday, I’m going to…”

“…travel to Greece.”
“…start my own business.”
“…write a novel.” (Okay, yeah, I did that, but how often do you hear people say they want to do that?)

The trouble with “someday” is how seldom it becomes “today.” Okay, maybe you can’t travel to Greece at the drop of a hat, but you can find out how much it would cost or figure out which islands you want to visit. Start your own business? I have a friend who has been writing and rewriting a business plan for years (and working some impressive jobs in the meantime that will serve her ultimate goal in terms of knowledge gained).

Want to write a novel (or non-fiction book)? Start.

At one point, I had a commute from Concord, NH to Boston, MA (according to Google Maps, the distance from one bus station to the other is 68.2 miles and 1 hour 7 minutes. That’s now; back then the Big Dig was in full swing. Add an hour. I mean it). Being a smart person (which doesn’t stop me from doing some stupid things, by the way), I took the bus back and forth (why drive when you can ride?). We had a group of regulars who nodded to each other, smiled, and exchanged small talk.

I had had an idea for a novel brewing in the back of my mind for a while. My thought process was something like “‘Titanic.’ Please. They knew each other all of what, 48 hours? And then he DIED? She went on to have a full life with someone else! Fer Chrissake, that’s her GRANDDAUGHTER with her! She didn’t exactly check into a nunnery after Jack died!” I was thinking along the lines of “Okay, so they meet, they fall in love. Then what? Why isn’t there enough drama in making it work?”

I was also thinking along the lines of “Why doesn’t anyone explore the other end of a relationship?” (Kids, leave the room. It’s about to get Russian in here) All relationships end, either by choice or by death. It’s the truth. “Someday, I’m going to write a book where someone has to decide whether to end her beloved’s life.”

I daydreamed about scenes that I would write. My process: I watch a movie in my head and then translate it into words. (Until the characters take over and then it’s just typing what they tell me to do). Of course, I’d be typing this up “someday.” I had a computer at home and this was in the pre-IPad and pre-smartphone days. And I had this 2.5 to 3 hour commute…

Then I thought about it…

I had a pen. I always have a pen. There was a CVS between my place of work in Winthrop Square and South Station. Surely, they would have notebooks. I could write in a notebook. I knew how to do that;something they used to teach in public grade school. Way back in the 60s and 70s.

So, “Someday” became a day in December 2000.

When will your “Someday” be?