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Got a Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader or iBooks? Have I got a Deal for You


Pssst! Hey, Buddy…

Okay, Readers, let’s you and me do some business here.

Now, I’m not going to take it personally that my book sales are not moving as I envisioned (Frankly, I think they are going to be a HUGE deal and all y’all are passing up the chance to be early adopters and hipsters who say, “Yeah, I knew about that before it was cool. And I was one of the first ones to spread the word about it.” (sips soy half-caff no foam latte)). I plan for renewed interest in John Donne’s poetry to come from these books. And for people to go traipsing around Boston looking for sites from the books – even the ones that don’t exist. I want to someone to license stuffed animals to be made from this guy:


Toulouse aka Beanie

We need to spark the fire to get this going. I will be working on a book trailer (I have an iPad and I might be able to do that).

But for now….

All of you with Nooks or Kobos, raise your hand. (23, 24, 37….) Okay (and Kindle folk, don’t get your noses out of joint. You’ve had PLENTY of free/discount opportunities).


This is a good book. I can say that because I have the reviews (most unsolicited) to back that up. It’s about real love and making it work. It’s about surviving and working to be  a better person for yourself and for someone you  love.

Here’s the deal:


Smashwords link

Go order a copy of  These Foolish Things through that link and use this coupon code:


Until Feb 7. 2014, that there code is good for 50% off the $5.99 list price.  50 EFFING PERCENT!!!!! That’s a deal. Half the price – pfft – gone!

And the beauty part? Go ahead and share it with your friends! I don’t mind!

So, your mission (and you DO choose to accept it) is to go to Smashwords on that link, enter that code, download the book, read, review and talk your friends into doing the same.


Need A Christmas Gift for a Reader? Look No Further!

(Okay, I confess that I’m pushing sales through this website, but my day job just moved to India without me)

First of all, if you use the “Buy Now” link on this website (http://www.susanthatcher.com/buy-now/) to purchase signed copies of BOTH books, I will rebate $4.00 in shipping costs to you AND I will throw in a beaded bracelet (they’re pretty).


I’m not the best photographer. That’s why I hire Chris Gregson.

They are glass and pewter beads on elastic with pewter rose charms.

“These Foolish Things is now available for your Nook, Kobo or iBook reader through Smashwords:


(At Last will be available at the end of January)

Now until December 31, “These Foolish Things” will be $.99 (Ninety-nine cents) as an e-book on all platforms.

That’s less than the cup of coffee you’d buy to drink while reading it.

latte kitten

Awww, kitten.

Also, now through January 11, you can enter to win a signed copy of “At Last” on Goodreads:

At Last giveaway on Goodreads

10 copies are up for grabs. Right now, 56 people have entered, so your chances are pretty good (Hmm. “Chances Are.” Another old standard. I bet I could build a Vinnie and Angie story around that one…Comments?)

Look, help out a 1) small business, 2) local business (if you’re in Southern California),  3) female-owned business , 4) budding author, 5) friend(?) (Facebook Author Page)

Gramp Thatcher

This guy would want you to buy books. If he was still here, my grandmother would make him buy a dozen each (my grandfather, Cliff Thatcher. He was cool).

They Like Me! They Really Like Me!

Another review in, this one from Deliza’s Dirty Dramas:

Blog Tour – “At Last” by Susan Thatcher


And while Deliza gave me some chaff about a couple of things (and threatened to punch me in the throat. The scary thing is, she’s in a position to do it. Or have her minions do it. She has minions), overall, she liked the book (4 smooches out of 5) .  She also liked “These Foolish Things” (4.5 out of 5 smooches):


Deliza’s Review of These Foolish Things.

Maybe I’ll keep plugging away at this writing thing…

For today, “These Foolish Things” is a free download on Smashwords (reintroducing it to Nook, Kobo and other e-reader platforms). December 10-31, it will be $.99 on all e-reader platforms.

The reviews coming in make Exhibit A

sphinx pose

And me

author photo

Feel like this


(Grooving to Christmas jazz)

Louis Armstrong – Zat You, Santa Claus?



To mark the re-launch of “These Foolish Things” on Smashwords (making it eligible for Nook, Kobo, etc.) I make the following offer: FREE December 8-9, then $.99 December 10 – 31 (new content for those spiffy tablets and e-readers under the Christmas tree).

Smashwords Link

Please, Please, Please go leave reviews on Smashwords, Goodreads, Amazon, wherever you get it (If you like it. If not, we never had this conversation)


Green Door Gallery, Santora Building

207 N Broadway

Santa Ana, CA


Both books have gotten solid, positive reviews from both readers and reviewers. You’d want to be friends with the characters.

Buy both and get a $1.50 discount ($14.50 instead of $15.98) AND a pretty beaded bracelet

Plus my autograph

By the way, during Artwalk nights (First Saturday of the month), Green Door offers wine and beer for a donation



(I had my hair done since this picture…)