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Book Signing on Saturday, September 7, 2013 5 PM – 6:30 PM

Just a reminder:

author photo

Me. No, really that is me.



The book I’ll be selling/signing


green door

The Green Door Gallery

located at

santora address

207 N Broadway, Ste B-4 (lower level)

Santa Ana, CA

(Well, the map thing didn’t work out as planned)

Come on down! Bring friends! Bring cash or credit cards! Carpool (Sept. 7 is Artwalk). There are great restaurants and bars in the Artist’s Village for afterwards.

See you there!


Congratulations, Goodreads Giveaway Winners!

Nearly 1400 people signed up to win an autographed copy of These Foolish Things and I would like to congratulate those who won (I will be getting them out to you forthwith).

Sue Leonhardt

Ashley Velarde

Elizabeth Dunphy

Beverly Hurst

Holly Briese

Katherine Mitchell

Patty Pirkle

Marty McClain

Stephany Lawrence

Brittany Bradley

Congratulations again! And thank you for your interest!

Exciting Announcement for E-Book Owners!

Hey Guys! Did you buy These Foolish Things as an e-book? Do you feel like you’re getting skunked on having an autographed copy? Well, douse yourself in tomato juice (traditional skunk remedy) and step on up.

Through, you can get my signature for your E-book! Honest and truly! You can even get it personalized!

Just follow the link, make your request and presto! (Well, I have to get the request and actually do the signing work, so not so much presto on my end), you CAN get an autograph for your e-book. Hell, I’ll be giddy doing it because I’ll think I’m so slick and cool!

Get the book (if you haven’t already):


Then find it on Authorgraph. Simple