Ta Da!

Semi big news today.

For starters, “At Last” has been accepted in the Smashwords premium catalog which means that the e-book is not only available through the Smashwords site, but will also be available for purchase through the Barnes & Noble website, Kobo, Page Foundry…

This is cool. This is really cool.


Secondly, I just finished uploading samples from both “These Foolish Things” and “At Last” to ACX to POSSIBLY (not a done deal by a long shot) be turned into… AUDIOBOOKS. All my actress friends looking for voice work? Find a producer and audition. I’m serious.

Link to audition for “These Foolish Things”


Link to audition for “At Last”


I am not a religious person (spiritual, yes, with Protestant – not fundamentalist, Protestant – leanings), but I try to be careful with pride. It is one of the seven deadly sins (along with gluttony, of which I have been accused. By a manipulative control freak who realized I had rejected her influence. That’s a different book). I am happy for my friends and their accomplishments rather than proud of them; to me (and only to me) pride is appropriate when you had a hand in their success, like teaching a kid to ride a bike and the kid goes on to win the Tour de France (without later being stripped of the title for doping). Me being proud, though, can be a highway to arrogance. And arrogance gets me in trouble. So, I am happy and relieved that I have gotten “At Last” to a point where it can be more widely accessed. And given the nonsense I went through to get the samples of the books loaded into ACX (Really. Actress friends: go audition. Be a producer), happy and relieved to have that important first step behind me.

All in all, a good day.


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