Je Me Souviens

The title comes from all the Quebec license plates I saw growing up. It means I remember (or zi remind myself).

if you know me personally,you know things have been challenging lately.same for my adopted home of Southern California. I not saying there’s a Fisher King kind of connection (if you saw “Excalibur,” you saw the legend of the Fisher King onscreen. When you weren’t looking at Helen Mirren’s armor-piercing nipples:


nothing like a dame…), but we seem to in sync with droughts. I gave thanks in advance for rain last week, thinking forward to October and a whopping El Niño (which is what we’d need to ease the drought). Lo and behold, we’ve had some unseasonal rain in the last 48 hours. Very, very welcome. So if the state is getting some relief, maybe it’s my turn.



I don’t have the amazing success of Jasinda Wilder or Bella Andre (self-published authors who have sold millions) YET, but those two teasers up there are evidence that I do have two published books.

I remind myself that I have two potentially vey successful properties out and available for sale . I said potentially  very successful because I believe that once the tipping point is reached, they Will be huge hits. Relatable characters, warmth, humor. I digress. I can hold copies in my hand. These aren’t just daydreams while I work at a job that I have just to pay the bills. I have done this. I have written a story. It is not locked in my head (Although the odds are long without a push in the right direction) My books can be found by someone who wants to make them into movies or someone as influential as Oprah could take a shine to them. Long odds, like I said, but not impossible.

I have achieved a lifelong dream.



I wanted to be an entertainer for as ling as I can remember.  I wanted to be on “Laugh In” live from Beautiful Downtown Bur. I had to get to California. It took me 40 years, but I got to California. Although I didn’t get here I time to be a regular on Laugh In (nor did an acting career really take off), I was in Beautiful Downtown Burbank this afternoon.

I have achieved two lifelong dreams.

so, while I haven’t manifested (yet) the Prize Patrol on the doorstep with an over sized check or an eccentric billionaire just coming up to hand me $100,000 (wouldn’t that be fun? And in this daydream, he always moves like Stimpy doing “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.”), I remind myself that I have the education, skills, and experience for a better job than what I have. Everything after UVM and the first interview with Fidelity Investments was on my initiative. This includes career changes and law school.

I have gotten myself this far. image

You’ re still looking at Helen Mirren’s nipples, aren’t you?

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