Serenity Now! 


In case you’re new here, life has been pretty high stress lately (Who am I kidding? Lately? I should have had Rosie O’Donnell’s heart attack years ago. Ladies, watch her “Heartfelt Standup” special if you can find it. We don’t have heart attacks like men, so it’s time to learn the symptoms)

I am an adherent of the Law of Attraction and I have manifested things, situations, TIMELY pieces of good fortune when I need them. Amd I acknowledge that a contributing factor to my current set of circumstances has been some poor choices on my part. Not the entire reason, but as I’ve said before, I’m no angel.

I have watched “The Secret” many times and before you snort, it is very comforting when I need it. Like now. (It’s actually a more slickly packaged version of Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham). One of the things it teaches is that emotions are important and to attract better situations in the future, one should have

(I loved Stiller & Meara, although all I remember of their routines is Anne Meara saying “Happy Chanookah.”)


I think it’s related to Festivus.

Calm. Serenity. Attitude of Gratitude.

I will need a home a week from Thursday and it’s stressful (my current hosts have done as much as they can for me and I am extremely grateful for their help. However, people can only do so much and they need their homes back). My bank account is overdrawn and that’s stressful. My phone is off due to non-payment and that’s stressful. My iPad’s charger has decided to go on strike and that’s stressful (because that’s my computer since my laptop bit the dust). I’ve applied for a truckload of jobs for which I’m highly qualified and not gotten an interview and that’s stressful. I’m in danger of losing my worldly goods because they’re in storage and I’m behind on the rent (and since I don’t have my own family, this is precious to me. My life)


I don’t need the home this very minute. I am sheltered, fed, clothed, clean and warm (thanks to my trust yak hair blanket. That’s right, I said “yak.” Lightweight and WARM. Get one. Or mortgage your house, get a bunch of yarn for one your knitting friends and get a sweater). The bank account will get resolved. The charger can be replaced and the phone back on. Just takes money. And that can come at any time from anywhere.

So in this moment, I choose to be calm, to be grateful for what I have and to trust the Universe (I know there is something bigger than us out there. Whether it is the God I was raised with or the Force or someibg else, there is something there) to help me. It hasn’t let me down yet.


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