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Pep Talk

I am stressed out right now about a bunch of different things.

(I’m still selling books through the Buy Now up topside. If you use it, that will help not only alleviate my stress, but it will also get you some quality reading material. I promise).

This is not going to be a terribly organized blog post (and let’s face it; I know zippity doo dah about layout, coding, embedding, all the things that make a web page sing and dance. I work in words. I am good with words. So, you get…words) because it is a collection of things to buck me up and keep me going.

strong women

This is me. (And this is also Elizabeth Gardner in my books. She stands. She deals)


Sara Evans Born to Fly

This song was put on a mix CD for me about my great ambitions for myself. The CD also included “Rainbow Connection,” “Chasing that Neon Rainbow,” “The Eagle and the Hawk” (because I like eagles and hawks), lot of country. I remind myself; I was born to fly.



Kelly Clarkson Stronger

I swiped the post for my Facebook page. Someone who’s been through hell posted Ms. Clarkson as a response.

whedon wisdom

I WANT the big moments. I can see, feel, taste, touch, and hear them (not so much out of the right ear. The ACA will make it affordable for me to get that fixed, but I digress)

I listen to psychics, people who talk about the Law of Attraction (Yes, “The Secret” but not in its slick form. Deride it all you want, I got a different takeaway from it). One of them is “Abraham” through Esther Hicks. On one of her CDs, “Money and the Law of Attraction,” she (or Abraham) says that if you don’t like the way things are in your life, tell a different story. So, I literally (and that is not a word I toss around) sat down with my medium of choice, words, and re-wrote my current story as  I want to see things happen. That was two days ago. The things in that story? They’ve started happening.

Yeah, You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar


As for the sense that I may be going nowhere in a hurry and even losing ground:


You’re gonna hear me roar.