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What I Want for Christmas…

It’s that time of year (and feels like it has been since August with the Christmas creep that has now caused ornaments to go on sale prior to Halloween. How soon do we see Uncle Sam and Santa Claus duking it out for Fourth of July attention?)


My sentiments exactly.

It is, in fact, actually December (which is zipping by like the Little Old Lady From Pasadena driving a Shelby Mustang) and winter and within 3 days of Christmas (7 days of 2014. From what I’m hearing, 2013 will not be widely mourned when it leaves), therefore, it is the right and proper time to discuss Christmas.

I would like a few things for Christmas (if anyone is reading):

1) If you read and liked them, please leave reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Shelfari (Amazon version of Goodreads), Barnes & Noble, Powells, Alibris, Vromans, Smashwords. (If you didn’t like them, say nothing. Here’s 20 bucks)

2) Please recommend these books to your friends. And have them recommend it.

3) If you have the paperback(s) and are on Facebook, please go post a picture of you with them on my author page (Susan Thatcher Author Page) and tell me where you live.

mandi's copy

This little fellow traveled to the wildest reaches of Washington State. May have been ordered by a bear for something to read before hibernation. Or by a sasquatch.

4) If you got an ebook, post a picture of it  on Fracebook and request an autograph (yes, there is a way) through Authorgraph.

5) Ask me questions; let’s get a discussion going. There are threads started on Goodreads and Amazon asking how readers would cast movie versions.

6) In a book club? If I can figure out Skype (or Google Hangouts), let’s talk (Warning: I will periodically be removing cat butt from in front of the screen)

sphinx pose.

If you’re in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino or Ventura Counties (all California), I’ll even come visit and sign copies (and/or sell them). The listed counties are day trip range.  Let’s talk.

The bottom line is: the best Christmas gift I could receive is knowing that I have made a connection to you, my readers.

Cheers and to all, a good night.