March 13, 2017

 I don’t have anything especially interesting or profound to say tonight (except that I still have tickets for Book Obsessed Babes on April 8 in Jacksonville, FL and For Love of Books and Florida in Sarasota on July 15).

On the “So are you actually writing?” front, I have written 2708 words on a short story that is funny and sexy. I want to have that ready for the author signings this year. And perhaps write a couple more short stories, the idea being an eventual bound collection.

I moved last November from North Florida to South Florida to be closer to friends. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My life had been solitary and isolated up to that point: mostly living on my own or among people who weren’t all that friendly when the chips were down, at a distance from the office where I was working (when I was working) or, in the case of test driving, spending 8 hours driving 300 miles around Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties then going home to a house sit. The center of my group of friends was 20 some miles away in the San Fernando Valley. I discussed this with a friend (who is 1800 miles from me): the scariest thought was that if I had decided to end my life, I would succeed because there would be no one around to stop me except myself. Yeah. Unsettling.

 I’m not trying to be the most popular person (and I am who I am. I bite my tongue a lot, but still…) and I know there are people who I like a lot and respect to the utmost who think I’m a loudmouth and a fool and tolerate me, rather than enjoy my company. That’s okay. I still like and respect them. I know that my words are better received than myself. That’s cool (buy my books. Trust me, you’ll love them). I do not suffer fools well. Nevertheless, I need human contact.

Since my move, I am part of a group of 7 people who get together on Saturday nights for dinner and some of us go for a walk at night at the local park. It’s wonderful.

I’ve reconnected with a friend from 25 years ago and she is still as warm and wonderful as she was then. My friend, Catalina Egan, known to you bookworms as M.C.V. Egan, is close enough that we can get together and do stuff. Author stuff, metaphysical stuff, just plain stuff. It’s excellent.

My soul, which had been withering a bit, is blossoming. I am grateful to be in this location, in this circle, in this situation. I am at peace in my life. And that’s where we all should go.

Peace and love and all that jazz

Peace and love and all that jazz

Somebody: free tickets! C’mon!

Shake It Off

I have not posted anything to this website (other than upcoming signing appearances) since August 2015. Quite remiss of me. I need to engage my audience or they will leave the theater.

I can make excuses: demands on my time exceeding my available time. They do, but I still found it in me to sit on my ass and watch TV or sleep on the couch in front of the TV (dozing off, noisily, runs in my family. Unfortunately, I have more in common with the men than the women in that regard).

I piss and moan how “I suck at marketing” yet make only a half-hearted attempt to engage.

I have a stack of books from other authors that I have set myself the task of reading and reviewing (in this space. Hey! Blog posts!) in the hopes that they will reciprocate. And a small part of me that feels like the world is tearing me to pieces for its own use and my wants and needs don’t matter just wants to be left the fuck alone. Those authors won’t review my books. The others promised and didn’t (says the small part).

Right now, the TV set is off. Yeah, I know: THOSE THINGS ACTUALLY DO HAVE AN OFF SWITCH! They don’t have to be on all the time! I don’t have the radio going, CDs, MP3s, Pandora, nothing. Just quiet (except for the soft whir of the ceiling fan. I may fall asleep shortly. That’s my white noise for sleeping). Don’t be afraid of quiet. Yes, you are there with your own thoughts, but you may as well process them and send them on their merry ways. Better during the day than lying (NOT LAYING. LAYING IS INCORRECT. OKAY? WHEN YOU PLANT YOURSELF IN A HORIZONTAL POSITION, YOU ARE LYING DOWN) awake when you need to sleep and having them pester you. Got decisions to make? Pen, paper, make a list of pros and cons. Worry? Fuggedaboutit: worry accomplishes nothing and robs you any joy you may find in the moment. Or just…be. That’s meditation. Sit and focus on breathing, or a ray of sunlight, or watch your dog sleep. It’s beneficial.

However, I digress.

I want books sales in the thousands of units, but as I am a one-woman show, marketing is up to me. Therefore, I will be engaging with readers (like giveaways! Ooh!), firing up a newsletter, more on Facebook, Twitter (when I am not ranting about politics. May need a new Twitter handle because for the next four years, I’ll be frothing at the mouth online unless I get jailed as a political prisoner. Oh, it can happen).

I know I can make this happen. I can manifest this if I get off my ass. I wrote books. I have a Facebook page called Medieval Merriment (and this is to make a point, not promote that page, so no link here) that I started as a goof with no expectations. That was August 2014. Today, it has 21,250 followers. That’s a lot of people. None of them buy my damned books, but that’s a lot of people. I made this happen, too:

Susan and George

I have had a couple of people tell me I should have a video podcast and/or Youtube channel. Oy. I have a face for radio and a voice for silent movies, but I’m funny. I’m smart. I know stuff. Maybe. (Catalina? Whitney? Let’s talk)

So, for the 2 or 3 people who read this and the thousands of spam comments about goose down parkas (I shit you not), let’s shake off the rust and do this. Mondays and Thursdays. Right here.


And now, Miss Taylor Swift.

Let Me Tell Your Story

“Finding Inner Strength” is the subtitle of my blog and a theme that underpins “These Foolish Things” and “At Last” (and probably a bunch of other stuff I’ll be writing).



I been through my fair share of crap (and then some), but I’m not big on talking about myself (Hell, I’m not even good at selfies). I’ll invent a character and give him/her dialogue and scenes that I’ve observed in my life. However, it takes a while to come up with a finished product.

And I have to find content to populate this blog.

Tell you what; if you’ve been through trying or traumatic circumstances and come out the other side, I want to talk to you. I want to use this space to tell survivors’ stories, to give hope and inspiration to others who may be experiencing what you have.

Email me at if you want to tell your story. I will change names, if you want to remain anonymous. But, I’ll make your story a star.


And I’m including the next cartoon just because I’ve always loved it.


(crack Knuckles)

Check out this lady:

She was Daisy Washburn Lovell, my great grandmother. I’m not the first author in my family. She published two books, “Glimpses of Early Wareham” and “Glad Tidings.” My Bible (Yes, I have one. No, it doesn’t burn my hand when I hold it) was a gift from her, personalized and inscribed with a poem she wrote. This is her author photo.
(by the way, I grabbed the picture from Sarah Sheppard’s (my cousin) Facebook timeline. Credit where it’s due)

Grandma achieved a goal I’m shooting for: books in the Library of Congress. Not too difficult, really. Just fill out an application and pay a fee.

That’s on the to do list this year.

Also on the list: use my knowledge of dealing with debt collectors to make an e-book and presentation to teach people what their rights are and how to deal with bad actors in the business.

2 signing events (REALLY sore about missing Deep in the Heart this past weekend. Looks like they had an excellent time). I AM signing at the LA Times Festival of Books in April. And working on getting back to Long Beach in June. On the list.

New laptop. On the list.

Complete at least a first draft of the next Liz Gardner (which, I found out today was Grandma Lovell s father’s first name. I probably used to know it, but I named Liz after the Massachusetts city of that name. There’s a giant chair there. I remember seeing it when we went from Vermont down to the Plymouth area)


This is the sort of thing that makes an impression on a little kid. From Vermont. (I still get stars truck seeing the Hollywood sign)

Speaking of Liz and Ty…

This year, they’re going to break through and find a much bigger audience. There is talk of some cross-promotional marketing groups out of the DITH event and I have been accepted to be included. Reach beyond the local group. It is time that all the sweat and energy I. Invested in creating them actually started paying off.

Things go well enough, I may talk to some of the authors in my age bracket and see if we can put together a “Hen Lit” (The more mature form of Chick Lit) signing. Maybe.

That’s just the first half of the year. Stay tuned.