Tooting My Own Horn

I may be thinking like the six year old version of me, but it believe I have written a story (and continue to write, I swear) that is a potential international best seller, even if I did publish it myself (Although the odds are long, it could happen. I have taken the first big step: publication).

I mean, I’m getting reviews like this:

“I am not one for staying up all night reading a book, but I did for this one.”


“The ups and downs that Liz and Ty go through are so real life for so many mature couples these days. “


“enjoyed every moment of this novel not once but twice! Thanks for a well thought out, well written story!”


I even made a video!

Promo video!

And until August 31, use the coupon code for 50% off at Smashwords.


What I Want for Christmas…

It’s that time of year (and feels like it has been since August with the Christmas creep that has now caused ornaments to go on sale prior to Halloween. How soon do we see Uncle Sam and Santa Claus duking it out for Fourth of July attention?)


My sentiments exactly.

It is, in fact, actually December (which is zipping by like the Little Old Lady From Pasadena driving a Shelby Mustang) and winter and within 3 days of Christmas (7 days of 2014. From what I’m hearing, 2013 will not be widely mourned when it leaves), therefore, it is the right and proper time to discuss Christmas.

I would like a few things for Christmas (if anyone is reading):

1) If you read and liked them, please leave reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Shelfari (Amazon version of Goodreads), Barnes & Noble, Powells, Alibris, Vromans, Smashwords. (If you didn’t like them, say nothing. Here’s 20 bucks)

2) Please recommend these books to your friends. And have them recommend it.

3) If you have the paperback(s) and are on Facebook, please go post a picture of you with them on my author page (Susan Thatcher Author Page) and tell me where you live.

mandi's copy

This little fellow traveled to the wildest reaches of Washington State. May have been ordered by a bear for something to read before hibernation. Or by a sasquatch.

4) If you got an ebook, post a picture of it  on Fracebook and request an autograph (yes, there is a way) through Authorgraph.

5) Ask me questions; let’s get a discussion going. There are threads started on Goodreads and Amazon asking how readers would cast movie versions.

6) In a book club? If I can figure out Skype (or Google Hangouts), let’s talk (Warning: I will periodically be removing cat butt from in front of the screen)

sphinx pose.

If you’re in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino or Ventura Counties (all California), I’ll even come visit and sign copies (and/or sell them). The listed counties are day trip range.  Let’s talk.

The bottom line is: the best Christmas gift I could receive is knowing that I have made a connection to you, my readers.

Cheers and to all, a good night.

Standing Still or Still Standing

“Still” is a word with a variety of meanings. The one NOT in play here is a device to distill alcohol. This ain’t Hazzard County and I ain’t a Duke (The occasional “Yeehaw” notwithstanding). “Still” can refer to being motionless and quiet, as one would to listen or to try to calm down after something upsetting. That could apply here and I’ll get to that in a minute. “Still” can also mean that despite the occurrence of something potentially destructive.  From the “Star Spangled Banner,” the phrase “our flag was still there” comes to mind.

star spangled banner

I couldn’t find the quote (because I can’t remember the exact verbiage) from Bear Bryant or Tom Landry or some other legendary football coach  admonishing his players who celebrated  touchdowns with dances unless they were going to celebrate their fumbles as well, they should knock it off (Well, “knock it off” was a favorite phrase of my late father. After he babysat my nephew one afternoon, the kid would tell Ira, the family cat, “Knock it off, Ira.”)


Ira knocking it off

Under this rule, I offer the following link to a review that wasn’t so enthusiastic:

“At Last” review by Online Book Club

In short, the reviewer said there were mistakes throughout the book and she didn’t like the open ending.

Can’t do much about the ending at this point and I really don’t want to do anything about it, anyway. I’ve lived with these people for over 12 years and frankly, I’d like a break from this particular story.

The mistakes, though…

I’m waiting to hear what she has to say. I learn the hard way; from my mistakes. In order to turn out a better product (and yes, these are products. I will be pushing you, Dear Reader, to buy copies, but that’s in a few minutes) , I need to know what went wrong so that I don’t repeat them. And then I need to beat up the editor withe them because she was supposed to catch stuff.

go to jail

That’s an error. She’s the cop.

I’m a fan of full disclosure, something that’s in short supply in all walks of life lately. In addition to being a hope junkie (See “Tis the Season“), I am an information junkie. I want to learn all the time. I also believe that the more information one has, the better the choices that can be made. In my case, including this review shows that not everyone may have such a great opinion and for good reason.

So, I am standing still in order to listen.

Still Standing: this will not stop, deter, or destroy me.  Failure is not getting back up after you’ve taken a hit.

And for the “Dukes of Hazzard” version of a still: Drinking has never been a coping mechanism for me (Food has that honor). I do, however, have a lovely single-malt Scotch and some Makers Mark 46 that make for some nice sipping.


Yee Haw.

Promotion/Offer: Still (this is known as a “callback”) making the following offer: If you use the Buy Now link to get SIGNED copies of both books, I will refund $4.00 shipping and throw in a lovely, handmade beaded bracelet. I can do this because I use USPS Media Mail to ship in the US (least expensive option). I cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas Day at this point (Unless you’re in Southern California), but I can guarantee that I will get that sucker out the door ASAP and give you the tracking number.  (This offer is only good for areas served by USPS Media Mail)

Christmas tree

Have a merry and BUY MY BOOKS

They Like Me! They Really Like Me!

Another review in, this one from Deliza’s Dirty Dramas:

Blog Tour – “At Last” by Susan Thatcher


And while Deliza gave me some chaff about a couple of things (and threatened to punch me in the throat. The scary thing is, she’s in a position to do it. Or have her minions do it. She has minions), overall, she liked the book (4 smooches out of 5) .  She also liked “These Foolish Things” (4.5 out of 5 smooches):


Deliza’s Review of These Foolish Things.

Maybe I’ll keep plugging away at this writing thing…

For today, “These Foolish Things” is a free download on Smashwords (reintroducing it to Nook, Kobo and other e-reader platforms). December 10-31, it will be $.99 on all e-reader platforms.

The reviews coming in make Exhibit A

sphinx pose

And me

author photo

Feel like this


(Grooving to Christmas jazz)

Louis Armstrong – Zat You, Santa Claus?