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Interviews and Other Things That Bring Me Out of My Cave

Self- promotion time! (It’s my blog and that’s part of the reason it exists)

First up, author Cheryllyn Dyess interviewed me for her “Behind the Pages” blog.  If you’d like to read it (‘I’M FUNNY” as one of my nieces said when she was little), here is the link.


Morning Coffee With Susan Thatcher

Second, just a reminder because I posted this last week, the fabulous ladies of BookRhythm are hosting me for “Meet the Author” at 7 PM Eastern tomorrow night (Feb 13) on Facebook. I will be giving away 2 general admission tickets to Book Obsessed Babes 2017 in Jacksonville, FL on April 8.

(okay, I didn’t realize it was a live link and I punted on inserting it, but it’ll get you to the event!)

Third, there will be another interview forthcoming. I will post a link when it’s live.

I am grateful to the authors and bloggers helping to support my work, to the readers who reach out. My hope is that you will decide to become one of them.

Meet The Author

 Want to talk to me? It can be done!



Monday, Feb 13, 2017 (or 13 Feb, 2017 for other parts of the world) at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time, I will be available to answer your questions, make you ask your phone why the chicken crossed the road, and get silly, if you’re so inclined.

The fabulous ladies of Bookrhythm are hosting and there will be fun, prizes, and silliness. Please join me.!

Here’s the link: