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They Like Me! They Really Like Me!

Another review in, this one from Deliza’s Dirty Dramas:

Blog Tour – “At Last” by Susan Thatcher


And while Deliza gave me some chaff about a couple of things (and threatened to punch me in the throat. The scary thing is, she’s in a position to do it. Or have her minions do it. She has minions), overall, she liked the book (4 smooches out of 5) .  She also liked “These Foolish Things” (4.5 out of 5 smooches):


Deliza’s Review of These Foolish Things.

Maybe I’ll keep plugging away at this writing thing…

For today, “These Foolish Things” is a free download on Smashwords (reintroducing it to Nook, Kobo and other e-reader platforms). December 10-31, it will be $.99 on all e-reader platforms.

The reviews coming in make Exhibit A

sphinx pose

And me

author photo

Feel like this


(Grooving to Christmas jazz)

Louis Armstrong – Zat You, Santa Claus?

Big Updates, Big News.

First order of business:


Has itself another 5 Star Review:

It Started With A Book review of “At Last”


Is available for Nook, IBook, Kobo, Sony, and other readers through Smashwords (previously Kindle exclusive. Look for “At Last” at the end of January 2014):

These Foolish Things on Smashwords

It’s Christmas season and tomorrow is another signing:

santora building

Santora Building at 207 N Broadway in Santa Ana, CA 92701

which houses:

green door

The Green Door Gallery

which is where this kind of thing happens:

2013-09-07 18.16.38

(Parrots not guaranteed)

From 5 PM to 10 PM tomorrow, Saturday, December 7, 2013 (Really? It’s December?)

I will be signing and selling both books AND bead bracelets.

PLUS:  I accept cash, credit cards and now…Paypal*

CUSTOMERS BUYING BOTH BOOKS WILL GET  A DISCOUNT ($14.50 instead of $15.98) and a bracelet. 

(As soon as I figure out how to work the furshlugginer Paypal Here app. I think you, as the customer, need to have it on your phone and functioning).


Toot Toot! Beep Beep! Yeah!

Since there is a blog tour going on now until December 10 to promote “At Last,” I am going to get in on it and toot my own horn (thus the title).


This is the new book. It is NOW available all over the place (See the “Buy Now” link on this site: Buy Now link) as a paperback. As an e-book? Limited to Kindle for a couple of months.

It is getting good reviews from sites like Central Bargains:

Central Bargains review of “At Last” and author interview

and Can’t Beat a Good Book:

Can’t Beat a Good Book Review of “At Last”

and over on Goodreads:

Goodreads “At Last” page

(Note: the “Sue” giving the review is not me).

And from now until December 7, the Kindle version is $1.99 over on Amazon.

With all these reviews, sounds like you wouldn’t be wasting $1.99.  It costs less than that cup of coffee you’ll buy to sip while you’re reading it. Hell, it’s even less than Two And A Half Buck Chuck (they raised the price) Merlot/Shiraz/Chardonnay from Trader Joe’s that you’ll buy to sip (or guzzle. I don’t judge; your house may be infested with children. It’s necessary)

Oooh and get this, get this: (AHEM):




through this Rafflecopter

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