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Book Signing September 28!

Back to here…

green door

Green Door Gallery

Santora Building

207 N Broadway, Ste B-4 (Downstairs and to the left)

Santa Ana, CA

5 PM


And since we had parrots the last time…

2013-09-07 18.16.38


This is appropriate…

Jimmy Buffett. Parrothead spoken here.

There is also some terrific art for sale, including whimsical, colorful little clown figurines by my friend, Tami Molar (www.clowngrrl.com)

Come on down! Buy books! Buy clowns! Cash and credit cards accepted (Sniff. Sniff. Geez, Exhibit A. What are they feeding you? Smelly cat, indeed. He won’t be there).

2013-07-07 11.13.37

Anyway, Saturday, September 28 starting at 5 PM. Green Door Gallery, be there or I’ll hunt you down (and aim Exhibit A’s butt at you)

Scenes From a Book Signing

2013-09-07 18.02.57


The display…

2013-09-07 18.16.30

Not all attendees were human.

2013-09-07 18.16.38

Polly want an autograph?

2013-09-07 18.02.48

Look! I’m signing a book! That I sold! (Maverick, the scarlet macaw, didn’t buy it)


Yup, that’s me. And my book!

So, the first book signing was a success. I will let you know as soon as the next one is scheduled. OR…if you’re in Southern California (Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, Riverside counties), you can host a book signing party at your home. Hostess gets an autographed copy, we have a meet & greet, maybe a little wine, maybe some cheese. Fun!

I really did it. I wrote a book all the way through (I have a collection of “stubs” in storage). I got it published. Via either e-book or paperback, it’s been distributed to over 1,200 people. It’s getting reviews (not by book critics yet, but people I’ve never met have weighed in on it). I had a book signing and sold copies to total strangers (I’m not much of a salesperson. I deeply dislike getting pressured when I’m shopping and I try to do unto others, you know?).

And this is just the the beginning…

Book Signing on Saturday, September 7, 2013 5 PM – 6:30 PM

Just a reminder:

author photo

Me. No, really that is me.



The book I’ll be selling/signing


green door

The Green Door Gallery

located at

santora address

207 N Broadway, Ste B-4 (lower level)

Santa Ana, CA

(Well, the map thing didn’t work out as planned)

Come on down! Bring friends! Bring cash or credit cards! Carpool (Sept. 7 is Artwalk). There are great restaurants and bars in the Artist’s Village for afterwards.

See you there!