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Exciting Announcement for E-Book Owners!

Hey Guys! Did you buy These Foolish Things as an e-book? Do you feel like you’re getting skunked on having an autographed copy? Well, douse yourself in tomato juice (traditional skunk remedy) and step on up.

Through http://www.authorgraph.com/, you can get my signature for your E-book! Honest and truly! You can even get it personalized!

Just follow the link, make your request and presto! (Well, I have to get the request and actually do the signing work, so not so much presto on my end), you CAN get an autograph for your e-book. Hell, I’ll be giddy doing it because I’ll think I’m so slick and cool!

Get the book (if you haven’t already):



Then find it on Authorgraph. Simple